My first food contest………

I received a notification email last night.  It said, “Congratulations Josie you are the WINNER of the,”Smoked Meat Leftovers Throw-Down Contest” woo-hoo!!!! After I cried joyful tears for 20 minutes, I called all of my family and dear friends that supported me last week.  I am so thankful to everyone for allowing me to bug them all last week!


The theme of this contest was “Leftovers”.  Contestants had to make a dish using leftover smoked meat in their dish and include a note somewhere in the photo that read – “Smoked Fun.”

I had some leftover pulled pork from a weekend smoke, so I decided to make three different meals.  I had my neighbors overs for dinner three different nights to try my pulled pork creations!  I took pictures of all three meals.  What I didn’t do was include the note “Smoked Fun” in each photo.  So unfortunately, I was NOT able to use the first two photos for this contest.  My plan was to make three different meals and have my neighbors help me decide which entry to use in the food contest.

I should have read the rules of the contest a little more carefully. After several back and forth emails to the moderator of the contest he said the following,  “You can load up your food photo with as many “leftover” dishes you wanted but all the food MUST be in one photo and include a note that reads “Smoked  Fun.” I had three photos of the different meals  and only one had the “Smoked Fun” note included in the photo…..Ugh!  After I kicked myself in the butt I thought, “No worries Josie, because you created two more really tasty leftover pulled pork recipes.”  Here’s a photo of my first leftover pulled pork dish Pulled Pork Cuban Wraps.  For this recipe, I used the same ingredients I use to make Cuban sandwiches.  I made them using tortilla wraps instead of my homemade Cuban bread.  I don’t usually add diced red onions to my Cuban sandwiches.  I thought it would add a tasty kick to my Cuban wraps.  Here’s the ingredients; yellow mustard, Mexican Four Cheeses, diced red onions, homemade dill pickles spears, Boars Head Genoa salami, smoked ham and leftover Pulled Pork.


I used my favorite brand of tortillas – Extreme Wellness.  They are thin, light, very tasty and they cook up nice and crunchy!


The layering process – after I added all of the ingredients, I rolled up each wrap nice and tightIMG_1139


I was cooking outside on this day.  I cooked the wraps over medium high heat on one side then flipped them over, weighted them down using a sheet pan with a heavy lid on top.

IMG_1147  IMG_1151

My neighbors (aka “the sisters”) waiting patiently for dinner.  They brought over some wine and ice cold beers to go along with our spread.  I love my neighbors!!!!!


Finished Pulled Pork Cuban Wraps ready to eat!



I served my Pulled Pork Cuban Wraps with Mojo dipping sauce and Crispy Zucchini Fries with a savory ranch dipping sauce. I will show you how I made my Zucchini Fries in new post.


The Crispy Zucchini Fries were nice and crunchy on the outside –  tender, tasty and delicious on the inside.  My Pulled Pork Cuban Wraps were off the charts in flavor that hit every taste bud in my mouth.  The Mojo (pronounced MoHo) sauce was out of this world good and added an awesome flavor component to this dish.  I couldn’t stop dipping my wrap in this amazing sauce! At dinner all I could hear was………….”oh my goodness this is soooooooooo good!”  I still can’t believe I forgot to add the note “Smoked Fun” to this dish……I am smh (shaking my head)!!

The Smoking Meat Forums is a great website where you can learn how to smoke any kind of meat, fish, vegetables and anything else you can think of to smoke! I have been a member (on this site) for over a year and I have learned so much about “The Art of Smoking Meat” the right way.   Check out this website and subscribe to it if you’re interested in learning how to smoke meat.  You will find a wealth of information on this forum.  When I first joined the forum, I bugged the crap out of everyone!  Everyone on the forum was so patient with the “newbie smoker”. I know at times they were probably saying, “Oh no……’s Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby AGAIN asking more silly questions!” People on that website are always so willing to offer helpful information and advice. Join today and make sure you subscribe to the weekly newsletter.  Jeff, the owner/administrator of the forum website will send you the most awesome recipes EVERY Thursday.


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“Many of our most cherished memories involve gathering together around the dinner table and enjoying great food. Always make time for a great homemade meal with your family and friends.”


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