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My Sausage Tasting Party

Happy Monday! On December 1st I received my new sausage stuffer.  A week later I received; my meat grinder, a vacuum sealer w/bags, a scale and a few miscellaneous items I needed.  I have been making sausage like crazy these past few weeks.  My sisters call me the “Sausage Queen” lol.  Checkout my new sausage making toys below……………now it’s […]

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Merry Christmas to My Family and Dear Friends

I have been so busy trying to keep myself busy this holiday season.  Sorry I haven’t posted much on my blog!  This is my first holiday season without Jerry.   I give all thanks to GOD for all the wonderful holidays Jerry and I shared together.  I know he is watching over me and our family. Merry Christmas to all. […]

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Making Clarified Butter

Tis’ the season for lots of holiday baking and great food! Today I made a jar of Clarified Butter and I was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out this time.  I made a jar about a month ago and ended up throwing it away. It kept clouding up and eventually it turned into a soft white milky scary looking substance……YIKES!  That’s […]

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