Archive | June, 2016

My Rib Smoking Marathon – Plagued by Wind and Ash!

Smoked a ton of ribs yesterday for a BBQ fundraiser at my church on Saturday.  I decided to get a head start on the smoking. Yesterday of all days it was super windy on my side of town grrrrrrr I hate when that happens.  Drives me and my smoker nuts!   Anyway late in the afternoon, just as […]

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Time for a Facelift………….

NO, I didn’t get a facelift………I gave my website a new look LOL. Here’s the link Father’s Day is next weekend so make sure you check out the link “Featured Promotions”  on my website.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link “Great Gifts for Dads.”  Lots a gift ideas for your […]

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