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How to save your fresh herbs

I have several rosemary plants outside my front door and, I’m growing lemon thyme on my patio.  All of my fresh herbs are growing excellent this year.  Here’s what I do to preserve some of my fresh herbs; I remove the herb leaves from the stems, measure about 2 teaspoons of herbs into each ice tray slot, fill the ice tray with […]

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How to save tomato paste and your $$’s

Whenever I find tomato paste on sale I stock up on it.  I would rather pay 49 cents per can than $5.00 for a tube of tomato paste. I know people like those over-priced tubes of tomato paste for the convenience. Personally I can’t make myself pay that much for a tube of tomato paste. How many times have you purchased a […]

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Freeze it!

Purchase too many limes? Make lime ice cubes. Simply cut each lime in quarters, place in an ice tray, fill with bottle water and like magic – you have lime ice cubes. It’s happy hour time somewhere! Sapphire Gin and tonic with two lime ice cubes….oh yeah!    

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