Time Saving Meals

In this section I will be posting some of my favorite “Time Saving Meals.”  I like to plan ahead especially if I know I’m going to be busy during the week.  Jerry and I would hang out in the kitchen all day on a Saturday.  I would do all the cooking and Jerry would be the bartender/sous chef.  He was a better bartender than he was a sous chef! Anyway, we would have a blast in the kitchen doing what we do; cooking, drinking great cocktails, enjoying each others company and just enjoying the whole process of preparing our meals for the week.  I have been planning my weekly meals for years – this is not a new phenomenon for me.  I am like most women,  I realize sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  So planning a weekly menu is a must. The first thing I would do was chat with Jerry – we would talk about what we wanted to eat for the week. Jerry always had his “special requests” usually some sort of fish dish.  On the days he had fish, I would make myself a chicken dinner because I don’t like fish.  I knew I had to make meals that Jerry could warm up in the microwave or on the stove top.  Jerry became quite proficient at warming up our dinners.  He was so funny.  The nights he would have to warm up dinner he would say, “Whew, I had to slave over that hot stove for hours to prepare this meal.”  He would LOL and I would just look at him and say, “Yeah sure you did babe.”  Of course my comment would make him chuckle even harder.  I remember thinking, “What a brat…….MEN.” Here’s the first of my “Time Savings Meals.”  I cooked one – 5lb chuck roast and from that roast I made; delicious wraps, tortilla chili cups,  beef tacos and beef taquitos (our favorite).  The video  below will take you to my “Slow Braised Beef” recipe. Here are the other three links; http://youtu.be/9Sy5saUXEeshttp://youtu.be/azWG8rbMyQ4http://youtu.be/yVRR0sy5ErI Enjoy!

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