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My Pepper Garden……

My peppers are growing great this year. The only problem I have now is keeping Sophie out of my garden.  She loves my peppers too!  Ah oh……..Look who got busted in my garden…………………”the beagle” LOL

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Josie’s Jalapeno Jelly…………

I made a huge batch of my Jalapeno Jelly a couple of days ago.  If you would like to order a couple of jars :o) leave me a comment or private message me.  Here’s the pricing and ordering information; 8 oz. jar – $8.00 per jar 16 oz. jar – $15.00 per jar Mail your check, cashier check […]

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Something that made me scratch my head!

I’m growing peppers in my inside garden.  Today I had to do a double take at one of my pepper plants.  This pepper plant have been producing all green peppers now for some unknown reason, it’s producing green and red peppers.  I’m not complaining – I’m just curious as to why this plant decided to change lol.  […]

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